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Geneva (GEnerate Nlo EVents Analytically) is a new event generator that allows to generate events based on full NLO/LL calculations.  First results are expected soon for e+ e- colliders, with the extension to pp colliders being work in progress.


Michele Papucci has joined the theory  group at LBNL. He works primarily in understanding the effect of physics beyond the standard model on collider and other experiments.

We have recently presented first results of Geneva at DPF2011. While they are not yet for pp collision, as required to describe LHC physics, they do illustrate that our combination of NLO calculations is working.

A 5 year DOE grant will help to develop Geneva into a full fledged event generator capable of merging NLO calculations with parton shower algorithms.


of Geneva

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Dr. Christian W Bauer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, M/S 50A5104, Berkeley, CA 94720

Email:, Phone: (510) 486-7773, Fax: (510) 486-4608

Threshold resummations

Production of W+jets

Large logarithms appear near the hadronic or partonic threshold due to the restriction of the real emission. Resumming these logarithms can lead to much better behaved perturbation theory.

First results from Geneva

New divisional fellow in the theory group

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W+jets production is one of the most important background processes at the LHC. SCET can give insight into the correct scale that should be used in perturbative calculations.