Physics 250 - Introduction to String Theory II: M-Theory

Fall 2002, Tue and Thu, 9:30 - 11:00 a.m., 430 Birge Hall.
Instructor: Petr Horava

This course is a slightly more advanced continuation of our Introduction to String Theory I taught in Spring 2002. The detailed outline of the course can be found here. (The original preliminary announcement of the planned outline can be found here.)

The final take-home exam (ps, pdf)

This exam is due in our last class, Thursday December 5.

The list of papers for the reading assignments is here.

In addition, there is a bonus assignment, aimed at the more advanced students in the class who may otherwise find the course too elementary :-)

NEW (December 9): The results of the bonus assignment have now been posted on the web, as hep-th/0212087.