Physics 250: String Theory and M-Theory

Basic Info

Time: Tue and Thu, 2:10pm-3:30pm
Place: 402 Le Conte Hall

Instructor: Petr Hořava (email:
Offices - campus: 401 Le Conte Hall; LBNL: 50A-5107.

The student presentations are scheduled for Thursday, May 3 and Tuesday, May 8, 2:10-3:30.
The schedule is as follows:
Thu, May 3: papers from years 1987 - 1996,
Tue, May 8: papers from years 1997 - 2006.
Each presentation will be given the total of ten minutes of time; please don't forget to leave about two minutes at the end of your presentation for questions/discussion.

The List of Papers for (as well as more details on) the Reading Assignment has been posted.

The original announcement for the course, with a more detailed syllabus and information on the textbook, is here, in the form of a .pdf file.