Workshop on
B Physics at the Tevatron Run II and Beyond

Links to: hep-ph/0201071 , SPIRES

To receive a hardcopy of the report, send e-mail to Olivia Vizcarra

A workshop with the goal of exploring the b physics potential
of the Fermilab Tevatron in Run II and beyond.

The first meeting was held at Fermilab on September 23-25, 1999
List of participants (another version with emails) -- Mailing lists
Program and Transparencies

The second (and final) meeting was held on February 24-26, 2000
List of participants (another version with emails)
Program and Transparencies

Working Groups The working groups are expected to address related issues in charm physics and pay special attention to the differences between the hadronic environment and the B factories running on the (4S).
Workshop-related simulation pages: CDF, , BTeV

Organizing Committee:

Richard Jesik, Andreas Kronfeld, Robert Kutschke, Zoltan Ligeti, Manfred Paulini, Barry Wicklund

More B physics pages at CDF, D0, and BTeV

The BaBar and LHC workshops' homepages

September meeting announcement and poster; the workshop in FermiNews

Fermilab Visitor Information; Transportation (It may be simplest to rent a car, a taxi round trip to the airport is around $70 anyway. ACE has a special Fermilab rate which includes some insurance.); Lodging (Please make your own reservations asking for the Fermilab rates.)

Look at the Theory Group Visitors Guide, and this map showing hotel locations and freeways

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