Tongyan Lin

Hi! I'm a postdoctoral scholar with the LBNL theory group and Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics.

Contact Info

Email: tongyan at
Office: 423 Old LeConte (on campus), 50A-5103 (LBNL)


The existence of dark matter is the most striking evidence of physics beyond the standard model. My research aims to address basic questions about dark matter, in particular how we can test the particle physics properties of dark matter via various experimental probes, including indirect detection experiments, direct detection experiments, and at colliders. I am interested in the phenomenology of dark sectors, theoretical connections to other unresolved puzzles within the standard model, as well as early universe cosmology.

Some recent publications:

You can find my full list of publications on the arXiv or on inspires. My HEPNames profile is here.

Where I was before: