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Theory Group Subversion Repository at LBNL

Learning to use Subversion

Subversion is a version control system similar to CVS.

Users can find documentation about subversion at the subversion project's official website

In addition, the Subversion Book is free and can be perused online or downloaded in PDF format.

A useful resource is this SVN cheat sheet.

The basics you need to get started are described in the Subversion Tutorial.

Account Setup

You need to request an account in order to get access to the Theory Group subversion repository.

Please email account requests to JDAnderson (at)

Once an account is established for you, you should change your password.

There are several repositories defined. They can be accessed by any subversion client at, where REPONAME is the name of the repository you want to access.

If you would like to setup repositories for your work, ask Jeff Anderson.

Once your account is setup, please be sure to read the Subversion Tutorial.