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This describes the current configuration of the PC/Linux System.

  • Individual workstations,

Linux workstations are available on request for group members who want them. Ask management if you are interested. All system files held locally. /home mounted via NFS from a server. No backups of local files (scratch space only). Use of these machines should be restricted to the residents of the room where they are located unless you have permission to "borrow" another user's CPU cycles or disk space.

  • Central server,

If you do not have a linux workstation, but want to remotely access one for some aspect of your work, you may ssh to

  • Math servers,,,

Mathematica resides on these machines. In addition, cpu intensive batch jobs may be run on these machines. All group members have accounts on these computers. Access via ssh.

  • Home server.

No logins allowed. Home directories reside here. This is the only machine that is backed up.

  • Scratch Space

All workstations have a local scratch area, named /scratch-local. In addition there are two global scratch areas, visible from all workstations. /scratch is for frequently accessed working files. /archive is for storing large files which will NOT be accessed on a regular basis. None of the scratch areas are backed up.

  • Macs

There is limited in-group support for Macs. Users act as their own system administrators and must be competent to do so.