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Slides from RPM seminar  (Aug 17, 3:30pm, 50A-5132)

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Dark matter

Neutrinoless double beta decay Long baseline & proton decay

Nuclear Astrophysics

Detector development (DM, 0ν2β)

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In the context of the scientific opportunities in high energy and nuclear physics presented by DUSEL, the Committee is asked to assess the present LBNL participation in its initial suite of experiments, and to propose a roadmap for our future participation in the facility. Proposals for experimental development have been submitted to the NSF (S4) in the following broad areas: Long Baseline Neutrinos, Proton Decay, Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay, Dark Matter Searches, Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments and Low Background Counting. For each topic, the committee should identify the scientific opportunity, and summarize the scale of current LBNL participation, the impact that LBNL is likely to have on experiments at the present level of effort, the value of additional manpower, and opportunities for synergistic Detector R&D activities.

Since both NP and HEP funding is anticipated for DUSEL experiments, the Committee should comment on the match of the proposed experiments to the HEP P5 report and the NP long range plan.

DUSEL presents many opportunities, but the roadmap should be presented in the context of long-term commitments to other high priority programs such as JDEM, LHC, RHIC and existing neutrino efforts such as Daya Bay, KamLAND and CUORE.

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