Printing and Scanning

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The group owns several network printers.

They are:

  • theory2 -- a duplex printer located in 50A-5101A
  • phys2 -- a duplex printer located in 50-5056
  • thcolor -- a color printer located in 50A-5101 (store room)
    please only use thcolor if you truly need color. It is slow and expensive to use.
  • thcopier -- This is the copy machine in the 50A 5th floor supply room. It is a duplex color printer.

The linux system is configured to access them through the standard linux 'lpr' command as well as the "Print" menu item in the usual way.

These printers can also be accessed directly via TCP/IP printing from macs and windows machines (hostnames are just the names of the printers, as listed above). Ask management for assistance if you have trouble setting them up.


The copy machine in 50A-5101 is capable of scanning and sending the results via email. See the Scanner HOWTO for details.