The Effective Filed Theory of Large Scale Structures provides a novel framework to analytically compute the clustering of the Large Scale Structures in the weakly non-linear regime in a consistent and reliable way. The theory that describes the long wavelength fluctuations is obtained after integrating out the short distance modes and adding suitable operators that allow to correctly reconstruct the … Read More

Jets, i.e. collimated sprays of particles, are ubiquitous in particle phenomenology. I discuss QCD calculations which aim to describe the structure of jets. In particular, I focus on several techniques that have been developed in the past few years in order to better identify jets originating from the decay of boosted massive particles, showing how jet-mass distributions are modified when … Read More

Abstract: In a broad class of consistent models, MeV to few-GeV dark matter interacts with ordinary matter through weakly coupled GeV-scale mediators. A suitable meter-scale (or smaller) detector situated downstream of an existing electron beam-dump can sensitively probe dark matter interacting via sub-GeV mediators. These experiments can explore a well-motivated and otherwise inaccessible region of dark matter parameter space with … Read More