Abstract:I will discuss new ideas to directly search for light dark matter, such as the axion or the dark photon, by using quantum sensing techniques with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds. Based on our previous work 2302.12756, I will demonstrate how the NV center magnetometry works, and how it can be applied to dark matter search. Also, based on some ongoing … Read More

abstract:The QCD axion may solve the strong CP problem and constitute the dark matter (DM) abundance in our Universe. I will discuss how the cosmology of string theory axions is fundamentally different from that of Peccei-Quinn (PQ) field theory axions. In particular, while field theory axions may form axion strings if the PQ phase transition occurs after inflation, string theory axions do not generically form strings. However, they may form … Read More

AbstractHiggs coupling deviations from Standard Model predictions contain information about two scales of Nature: that of new physics responsible for the deviation, and the scale where new bosons must appear. The two can coincide, but they do not have to. The scale of new bosons can be calculated by going beyond an effective field theory description of the coupling deviation. … Read More

Abstract: Many motivated extensions of the standard model predict the existence of light and feably-coupled new physics. In this talk I’ll present two new searches for such particles: in the first part, I’ll outline a new search strategy for light physics coupled to muons utilizing the large flux of muons entering FASERnu, the forward component of FASER at the LHC. Next, I’ll … Read More