Title: Gravitational Waves from Incomplete Inflationary Phase Transitions Abstract: We study the observable implications of an incomplete first order phase transition during inflation. In such a phase transition, the nucleated bubbles do not percolate and instead are continuously produced until the onset of reheating. The process creates an inhomogeneity with a distinct power spectrum that depends on both the physics of … Read More

Rare B-meson decays are powerful probes to test the Standard Model (SM). Recent measurements of several observables in both $b\to s ll$ and $b \to c l \nu$ transitions have shown tensions with the corresponding SM predictions. These tensions between theoretical and experimental results are called B-anomalies. I provide improved SM predictions for the exclusive rare processes $B \to K^{(∗)}\mu\mu$ … Read More

Abstract: The latest measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment by the Fermilab Muon g-2 collaboration has increased the tension with the most precise and reliable calculation of this quantity in the Standard Model to more than 4 sigma. I will discuss a number of different solutions that have been proposed in the literature to explain this discrepancy, and consider … Read More