4D Seminar: Chen Sun (Tel Aviv) “Galactic rotation curves vs. ultralight dark matter”

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Abstract: We look for and place observational constraints on the imprint of ultralight dark matter (ULDM) soliton cores in rotation-dominated galaxies. Extending previous analyses, we find a conservative, model-independent constraint which disfavours the soliton-host halo relation found in numerical simulations over a broad range in the ULDM particle mass m. Combining the observational constraints with theoretical arguments for the efficiency of soliton formation via gravitational dynamical relaxation, our results disfavour ULDM from comprising 100% of the total cosmological dark matter in the range 10^{-24} eV<m<10^{-20} eV. The constraints probe the ULDM fraction down to f<0.3 of the total dark matter.