Jure Zupan (University of Cincinnati) “Dark matter effective field theory for any spin”

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Abstract: Using a heavy mass expansion we build an EFT for nonrelativistic DM of any spin, coupling to quarks, gluons and photons. We find the relations imposed by the reparametrization invariance, and provide the matching onto the interaction basis of nonrelativistic DM interacting with norelativistic nucleons (NRET). The construction retains the attractive features of the NRET approach, i.e. it works for any DM spin, and the relativistic DM-EFTs that were written for specific spins, i.e. that the EFT is in terms of the interactions with quarks and gluons, making the connection with the LHC and indirect detection more immediate, and that one does not have to limit the discussion to momenta well below the pion pole for an EFT description.

Short Bio: Jure Zupan works on particle physics phenomenology, with focus on flavor physics, Higgs physics, dark matter, and light new particles. He received a PhD from U. Ljubljana in 2002, was postdoctoral fellow at Technion, Israel; Carnegie Mellon University, PA; and CERN, Switzerland, and has been a faculty at U. Cincinnati since 2010. He received several awards, including NSF early career award, the Bessel award, and is an APS fellow. 

URL: https://sites.google.com/site/jurezupan/