Benoit Vicedo (University of York) @ 1:10pm “Integrable E-models, 4d Chern-Simons theory and affine Gaudin models”

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Abstract: Two-dimensional integrable field theories are characterised by the existence of infinitely many integrals of motion. Recently, two unifying frameworks for describing such theories have emerged, based on four-dimensional Chern-Simons theory in the presence of surface defects and on Gaudin models associated with affine Kac-Moody algebras. I will explain how these formalisms can be used to construct infinite families of two-dimensional integrable field theories. The latter can all naturally be formulated as so-called E-models, a framework for describing Poisson-Lie T-duality in sigma-models. The talk will be based on the joint work [arXiv:2008.01829] with M. Benini and A. Schenkel and [2011.13809] with S. Lacroix.