4D Seminar | Carlos Blanco (Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University) “Constraints on Dark Matter from Organic Targets and What Quantum Chemistry Can do for Direct Detection”

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As the age of WIMP-scale dark matter (DM) draws to a close thanks to the ever-increasing sensitivity of direct detection experiments, the majority of sub-GeV DM parameter space remains to be explored. Sub-GeV DM can excite electronic transitions in a variety of molecular and nano-scale systems which have sub-eV scale thresholds. In particular, organic molecules and mesoscopic structures can be used to detect the low momentum recoils of dark matter with electrons and nuclei. Aromatic molecules such as stilbene or xylene have an electronic excitation energy of a few eV, making them sensitive to DM as light as a few MeV. Here, I will discuss existing constraints on sub-GeV DM from organic scintillators and propose new paths forward in the search for ever lighter DM candidates.