Christiane Scherb (UC Berkeley) “Dark Sector Showers in the Lund Jet Plane”

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In dark sector models involving a new confining force that binds a set of dark quarks into dark hadrons, dark sector quarks could be produced at the LHC, where they undergo a dark parton shower, generating jets of dark hadrons that ultimately decay back to Standard Model hadrons. This yields collider objects that can be nearly indistinguishable from Standard Model jets, motivating the reliance on substructure observables to tease out the signal. However, substructure predictions are often sensitive to the details of the incalculable dark hadronization. In the Lund jet plane the effects of hadronization modeling are localized making it a very effective tool for designing observables that are resilient against the unknown impact of dark hadronization on the substructure properties of dark sector jets.