Felix Haehl (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton) “Reparametrization modes and quantum chaos in higher dimensional CFTs”

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Abstract: I will describe effective field theory methods that can be used to study the physics of large-c CFTs in even dimensions. I will argue that an effective field theory of conformal Goldstone modes provides a useful computational and conceptual framework. This generalizes some of the important lessons from studies of the Schwarzian theory in the low-energy SYK model to higher dimensions. Stress tensor contributions to conformal blocks can be systematically organized in terms of these “reparametrization modes”, thus turning them into a simple diagrammatic perturbation theory at large central charge. As an application I will discuss stress tensor conformal blocks in various regimes. I will also mention an application to thermal physics in higher dimensions and argue that the theory of reparametrization modes captures the physics of quantum chaos in Rindler space. This is also supported by the observation of the pole skipping phenomenon in the conformal energy-energy two-point function on Rindler space. I will mention some conjectures and work in progress regarding applications of this formalism.