Jason Kumar (U. Hawaii) “Dark Matter Indirect Detection with Sub-GeV Gamma Rays”

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A large theoretical and experimental program has been directed
at the search for WIMPs. But the absence of indisputable evidence
for non-gravitational WIMP interactions with ordinary matter has
led workers in the field to broaden their approach. Particular interest
has recently been shown in sub-GeV dark matter, because these scenarios
have interesting theoretical motivation, evade current experimental bounds,
but can be probed by future experiments. I will discuss the interesting
detection possibilities which arise for the indirect detection of sub-GeV
dark matter with gamma rays.

This approach is especially interesting for two reasons. If sub-GeV dark
matter couples to quarks, then the allowed finals states are tightly constrained
by kinematics and symmetry, yielding striking photons signatures. Moreover,
there are currently multiple proposals for new experiments which will lead to
dramatic improvements in sensitivity to MeV-range photons. This approach
provides a new window into dark matter interactions, as an interesting application
of chiral perturbation theory to astrophysics.