Jorinde Van de Vis (DESY) “An effective approach to electroweak baryogenesis”

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The asymmetry between matter and antimatter is one of the big outstanding questions of particle physics and cosmology. In this talk, I will argue that electroweak baryogenesis is an interesting mechanism to generate the baryon asymmetry. The new physics needed for electroweak baryogenesis come into play at a relatively low scale and can thus be tested in experiment. I will address three issues related to Electroweak baryogenesis. First I will explain whether electroweak baryogenesis can be studied in the model-independent framework of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory. Second, I will compare the contributions to the value of the asymmetry resulting from CP-violating interactions of different Standard Model particles. Third, I will discuss the validity of the so-called vev-insertion approximation, that is used to compute the value of the baryon asymmetry.