Marat Freytsis “Functional methods in HQET and beyond”

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Functional methods, in particular efficient reorganization of the one-loop effective action, have in recent years made a reappearance in simplifying the problem of computing matching and running effects in Lorentz-invariant EFTs such as the SMEFT. This has lead to the appearance of universal one-loop effective actions, where many such effects are now known in closed form for arbitrary field-content. Similar insights have not yet been brought to bear on modern kinematic EFTs such as HQET, SCET and others despite their greater focus on precision and the inclusion of higher-order effects. I will present some first steps in developing functional one-step matching formulae for EFTs where Lorentz symmetry is broken (or at least obscured) using HQET as my focus but commenting on more complicated multi-mode EFTs as well.