4D Seminar | Michael Wilson (Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics) “Current & future large-scale structure constraints on Dark Energy & Inflation”

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DESI will measure the 3D position of 30 million galaxies during the next five years 
to precisely characterize the nature of Dark Energy with baryon acoustic oscillations & 
redshift-space distortions.  Unique signatures present in the large-scale distribution of
galaxies further limit the level of non-Gaussian fluctuations present in the early Universe
and the mechanism of Inflation by extension. 

I will introduce the DESI experiment, summarise the expected returns and implications for 
our understanding of the Universe, and give a status update on where we are today.  I’ll then 
present the design of a natural successor to DESI focused on the 2 < z < 5 volume that promises 
to deliver the same advancements for Inflation that DESI will achieve for Dark Energy.