Particle Seminar: Carlos Blanco (Princeton) “Direct and indirect detection of dark matter with novel targets and why it pays to know a chemist”

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As the WIMP draws under increasing tension thanks to the ever increasing sensitivity of direct detection experiments, the majority of dark matter parameter space outside of the weak scale remains unexplored. Molecular and nano-scale systems are particularly well-suited to look for sub-GeV DM since their eV-scale electronic transitions may be excited through light dark matter interactions. In this seminar, will focus on the untapped potential of molecular and mesoscopic systems for direct DM detection, specifically discussing the utility of quantum dots (QDs) and organic crystals as detector targets. I will introduce the Molecular Migdal Effect as a novel directional method for detecting DM-induced nuclear recoils in molecular systems. The seminar will conclude with a discussion on the recent incorporation of these theoretical frameworks in studies of astrophysical objects and their relevance for indirect DM detection.