String Math Seminar: Mykola Dedushenko (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics) “A new look at the SCFT/VOA correspondence”

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Abstract: “We link several constructions of vertex operator algebras (VOA) in supersymmetric QFT. One is the SCFT/VOA correspondence of Beem et al, identifying VOA inside the protected sector of a 4d N=2 SCFT. Using the Omega-background approach to the SCFT/VOA, and compactifying the 4d theory on the infinite cigar geometry, we relate this to the construction of boundary VOAs in topologically twisted 3d N=4 theories due to Costello-Gaiotto. When the cigar is of finite size, the 3d theory gets further reduced on the interval,¬†and we end up relating this to chiral algebras in 2d N=(0,2) theories as well. This allows to explain, among other things, some earlier observations on TQFTs originating from 4d SCFTs of Argyres-Douglas¬†type. Another interesting connection is to the recently discovered rank-0 3d N=4 SCFTs.”