Vasudev Shyam (Perimeter Institute) “Entanglement Entropy in Finite cutoff Holography”

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I will report on recent advances in understanding entanglement entropy in finite cutoff AdS_{3}/CFT_{2}. This is a proposed duality between gravity in AdS_{3} with a cutoff surface at finite radius and the T\bar{T} deformation of a holographic CFT_{2}.

In the large c limit, I will describe the calculation of the entanglement and Renyi entropies and show how they agree with expectations coming from extrapolating the holographic entanglement entropy conjectures to the finite cutoff setting. Then, I will discuss how to compute the entanglement entropy of the Hartle–Hawking state in the T\bar{T} deformed CFT at finite central charge. I will highlight the manifestation of the conformal mode problem of three dimensional Euclidean gravity in the finite c calculation of the entanglement entropy.