Dean Robinson, LBNL

Dean Robinson


Tel: (510)-486-5589

Office: 50A-5127


Dean Robinson received his undergraduate education in Sydney, Australia at the University of New South Wales, and his PhD from Cornell University under Yuval Grossman. He was a postdoc at UC Berkeley from 2013-16, followed by a second postdoc at the University of Cincinnati, subsequently moving to UC Santa Cruz/LBNL in 2018. In 2019 he joined the LBNL theory group faculty, and the Particle Data Group.

Research interests

My research interests focus mainly on phenomenology of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM), collider phenomenology, and flavor physics. This includes studies of novel search strategies that may reveal BSM physics, as well as precision measurement and/or predictions of Standard Model parameters. A particular focus recently has been searches for BSM long-lived particles, and lepton universality flavor violation in semileptonic b-Hadron decays. My research also contemplates the origin and nature of dark matter, the dynamics of the electroweak scale, the mechanism of baryogenesis, and formal theories of flavor.

Two major areas of my ongoing work:

CODEX-b, a proposed detector to be installed near LHCb’s interaction point, in order to search for displaced decays-in-flight of BSM long-lived particles at the HL-LHC.

Hammer, a software library designed to provide fast and efficient reweighting of very large simulated datasets containing semileptonic b-Hadron decays to any desired BSM theory, or to any description of the hadronic matrix elements. This software is integrated into LHCb and Belle II analysis frameworks.

A full list of my publications.