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The Berkeley particle theory group is unique, spanning two institutions (UC Berkeley and LBNL). While there are close connections between theory groups at other institutions, our group functions as a single unit, as part of the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics (BCTP). All faculty, postdocs and students are assigned an office both on campus and in the lab, and we collectively alternate our presence (Mon-Tue: campus, Wed, Thu: lab, Fri: individual choice).


The particle theory group faculty comprise a diverse range of intellectual interests, expertise and backgrounds, ranging across particle and collider phenomenology, physics beyond the Standard Model, astroparticle physics, and more formal directions.  Many faculty also have close relations with the ATLAS, cosmology, dark matter, quantum information science and machine learning groups at UC Berkeley and/or LBNL. Connections with other groups at LBNL and UC Berkeley include the Molecular Foundry and NERSC.

The faculty, spanning both institutions, enthusiastically collaborate with all of our postdocs and advise UC Berkeley graduate students.


BCTP postdocs have affiliations at both LBNL and UC Berkeley, and the resources of both institutions are available to them. Postdocs are encouraged and invited to form or make use of the group’s close connections with the ATLAS, cosmology, dark matter, quantum information science and machine learning groups, and beyond.
The group typically has roughly 8 postdocs in particle phenomenology at any given time. We primarily view our postdoc fellowships as an investment in the career of top quality young physicists.  Postdocs are encouraged to choose and develop their own research directions and programs. Regardless of research choices, we expect our postdocs to actively participate in the scientific life of the group through participation in seminars, journal clubs and discussions. We are committed to fostering a friendly and welcoming environment where all members of the group can thrive and achieve their maximum potential.


Most students in our group are pursuing a Ph. D. at UC Berkeley; both campus and LBL faculty serve as Ph. D. advisors. We occasionally host visiting Ph. D. students from other institutions through the DOE’s SCGSR fellowship. Graduate students interested in a nomination for a SCGSR can get in touch with the LBL faculty whose research aligns most closely with their own. Our group is also open to hosting postbac interns through the DOE’s SULI program.

Long-term visitors

Our group also usually hosts one or more visiting faculty members who are on leave from their home institution.