Theory Group, MS:50A-5104
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94720

Administrative contact:

Troy Cortez
50A, Room 5104
(510) 486-5169

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Getting there/away

Unless you arrive at odd hours, the simplest way to get from San Francisco airport (SFO) to Berkeley is taking the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Looking at the SFO map, the BART station is next to the International Terminal G (sometimes JetBlue) and a couple of minute walk from Terminal 3 (United), otherwise take the free AirTrain to BART (runs every few minutes).  The BART takes 55min and costs $9.25 each way (as of early 2015), it’s every 15min during the day, every 20min at nights and weekends.  Tickets can be purchased at any BART station; hold on to it as it’s needed to exit.  At SFO, take the Pittsburg/Bay Point train to the 19th St. Oakland station.  Get off, cross the platform, and take the Richmond train to the Downtown Berkeley station.  (The trains usually wait for each other at this station, except on rare occasions when one of them is delayed.)  At Downtown Berkeley take the main exit (with an escalator to street level), and you’ll be at the “ba” sign on this map. The LBL shuttle bus stops is half a block North on Shattuck Ave (near Bank of America on the corner of Shattuck and Center).  Other options include the BayPorter shuttle, or if you arrive very late, a taxi from SFO to Berkeley will probably cost ~$100 and an Uber car around ~$60.  From OAK airport, you can also take BART ($8.50 each way); the station is located across from the Terminal 1 baggage claim area and a short walk from Terminal 2.  Change at Oakland Coliseum to the Richmond train, and take that to Downtown Berkeley. Street parking is free 6pm — 9am in Berkeley. Use of a rental car is not encouraged unless you plan to visit other Bay Area institutions. Further information can be found on the LBNL Visitors’ page, including directions, a map of the LBNL site and the shuttle bus information.


If you’re interested in overnight accommodations at the lab, please consult the Berkeley Lab Guest House for information. If you’re invited by a Theory Group member, we may be able to reserve a Guest House room for you with direct billing to LBNL.  In the event on-site accommodation is not available, lodging in downtown Berkeley may be available at the Downtown Berkeley Inn or the Hotel Shattuck Plaza.

Site access & parking

To request LBNL site access and a shuttle or parking pass, please notify Troy Cortez or your Theory Group contact at least 24 hours in advance of your visit (72 hours if you plan to come to LBNL on a Monday).