Theory Seminars

Particle Seminar                          Subscribe to Calendar
Wednesdays 2:00pm, Director’s conference room (50A5132) LBNL
Organizers: Harikrishnan Ramani, Jeff Dror
Slides from previous seminars are here
4D Seminar                                   Subscribe to Calendar
Mondays 12:30pm, Old LeConte 402, Campus
Organizers: Anders Andreassen, Vijay Narayan
String Seminar                             Subscribe to Calendar
Tuesdays 3:40pm, Old LeConte 402, Campus
Organizers: Grant Remmen, Ning Bao
HEP-QIS Seminar                Subscribe to Calendar
Wednesdays 3:40pm, Old LeConte 402, Campus
Organizers: Ori Ganor

Other Seminars

Research Progress Meeting Thursdays (or Tuesdays) 4:00pm, Director’s conference room (50A5132) LBNL

Colloquium Mondays 4:15pm, LeConte Hall 1, Campus

INPA Seminar
Fridays 12:00pm, INPA conference room (50-5026), LBNL

ATLAS-Theory lunches
On Thursdays 12:30pm, approx. once a month (check calendar/mailing list)

Bay Area Theory Seminar
Twice a year, San Francisco State University

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