Zoltan Ligeti

Email: ligeti[at]berkeley.edu

Tel:      510-486-4361

Fax:     510-486-6808

Office: 50A-5115, OLC 435

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Zoltan Ligeti received his undergraduate education at the Eotvos University in Hungary, and his Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.  He was the McCone Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech from 1994-97, then a postdoc at UC San Diego, before joining Fermilab in 1998, and moving to Berkeley in 2000.  He has worked on flavor physics, beyond standard model scenarios, neutrinos, and dark matter.  He received the DOE Outstanding Junior Investigator Award, and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Research interests

I have broad interests in particle physics, including the physics of the LHC, dark matter detection, flavor physics, CP violation, and neutrinos.  Most of my recent research focuses on theoretical questions about “indirect” searches for new physics.  Yet undiscovered particles can influence measurements via virtual effects due to the uncertainty principle.  Such searches for new physics were very successful in the past; for example, effects of the top quark were measured much before it was directly discovered.  Quark and lepton decays (especially flavor-changing neutral currents and CP violation) already probe mass scales comparable and possibly well above LHC energies, depending on the details of the underlying physics.  A clear empirical evidence for new physics comes from the observed baryon asymmetry of the Universe, which requires CP violation beyond the standard model.  In the next decade the sensitivity of many measurements that can reveal new sources of CP violation and virtual effects of new heavy particles will increase 100-fold or more, enhancing the sensitivity to new phenomena to several times shorter distance scales (higher energy scales) than we can access today.  I pursue several research directions toward better understanding the predictions of the standard model relevant for upcoming experiments, devising new observables sensitive to new physics, and studying the influence of beyond standard model scenarios on upcoming measurements and their synergies and complementarity with the LHC new particle searches.

Selected publications

(Full list of publications can be found here.)

TASI Lectures on Flavor Physics, arXiv:1502.01372.

Future sensitivity to new physics in B and K mixings, with J. Charles, S. Descotes-Genon, S. Monteil, M. Papucci, K. Trabelsi, Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 3, 033016 [arXiv:1309.2293].

On the Universality of CP Violation in Delta(F)=1 Processes, with O. Gedalia, J. Kamenik, and G. Perez, Phys. Lett. B714 (2012) 55 [arXiv:1202.5038].

Implications of the LHCb Evidence for Charm CP Violation, with G. Isidori, J. Kamenik, G. Perez, Phys.Lett. B711 (2012) 46 [arXiv:1111.4987].

On dark matter models with uniquely spin-dependent detection possibilities. with M. Freytsis, Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 115009 [arXiv:1012.5317].

Disentangling neutrino oscillations, with A. Cohen and S. Glashow, Phys. Lett. B678 (2009) 191 [arXiv:0810.4602].