Anindya Dey (U. of Texas) “Field Theory on Gibbons-Hawking Spaces” (String Seminars)

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Abstract: The IR Lagrangian of an N=2 supersymmetric gauge theory compactified on R^3 x S^1, around a generic point of its moduli space, is a 3d sigma model with a hyperkahler target space. We consider a related problem of constructing the IR Lagrangian of an N=2 theory on a special family of circle fibrations over R^3 — namely Gibbons-Hawking spaces. We propose that the answer is a novel deformation of the standard 3d hyperkahler sigma model and study the constraints imposed by supersymmetry on such a theory. In particular, supersymmetry implies that the contribution of the NUT center to the sigma model path integral must be a a holomorphic section of a certain holomorphic line bundle over the hyperkahler target space. We illustrate various features of this deformed sigma model using certain examples involving Abelian gauge theories on Gibbons-Hawking spaces.