Abstract: Recently, Akers et al. proposed a non-isometric holographic map from the interior of a black hole to its exterior. Within this model, we study properties of the black hole S-matrix, which are in principle accessible to observers who stay outside the black hole. Specifically, we investigate a scenario in which an infalling agent interacts with radiation both outside and … Read More

Abstract: The talk will focus on the testability prospects of the minimal GeV-scale type-I see saw model and the associated leptogenesis mechanism within future experiments as SHiP and FCC-ee. I will review the relation between the generation of the light neutrino masses and the baryon asymmetry (BA). We will show that the parameter space corresponding to a softly broken lepton … Read More

Abstract : I will report an on-going joint project with Hanany and Finkelberg. We identify Coulomb branches of orthosymplectic quiver gauge theories with orthosymplectic bow varieties. Then we use this identification to realize closures of nilpotent orbits for SO, and more as Coulomb branches. (continuation).

Abstract: Donaldson-Thomas theory associates integers (which are virtual counts of sheaves) to a Calabi-Yau threefold X. The simplest example is that of C^3, when the Donaldson-Thomas (DT) invariant of length d sheaves is p(d), the number of plane partitions of d.  The DT invariants have several refinements, for example a cohomological one, where instead of a DT invariant, one studies … Read More

abstract:In this seminar I will talk about wave dark matter and its intriguing phenomenological implications, namely the presence of wave-like signatures on astrophysical length scales. Specifically, I assume the dark matter is composed of light bosons with masses below 10 eV, allowing, due to the high phase space occupation number, for a classical wave description. I will illustrate a formalism … Read More

Abstract: In 2013, Beem-Lemos-Liendo-Peelaers-Rastelli-van Rees constructed a correspondence between four dimensional N=2 SCFTs, a certain kind of supersymmetric quantum field theory, and vertex algebras. When applied to the theories of class S, one obtains a rich family of vertex algebras which furnish novel representations of critical level, affine Kac-Moody algebras. Moreover, these vertex algebras satisfy an intricate set of gluing … Read More

Abstract: In the context of M-theory dual of large-N thermal QCD-like theories at intermediate coupling, we will discuss: (i) SU(3)/SU(4)/G_2/Spin(7)-torsion classes of the underlying six-, seven- and eight-folds en route to obtaining the O(R^4) corrections of the “MQGP” metric, (ii) explicit construction of (Almost) Contact (3)(Metric) Structure(s) along with a Contact Structure and three-tuples of SU(3) structures along the “transverse” … Read More

Abstract: The search for dark matter is indisputably now a multi-disciplinary and multi-decadal effort. Among models and methods that have expanded tremendously in scope, astrophysical indirect detection remains one of the best and sometimes only ways to challenge the well-worn–but undeniably compelling–notion of the thermal relic WIMP.   Among the best-motivated classical WIMP candidates, the most elusive under experimental scrutiny has … Read More

We construct approximately local observables, or “overlapping qubits”, using non-isometric maps and show that processes in local effective theories can be spoofed with a quantum system with fewer degrees of freedom, similar to our expectation in holography. Furthermore, the spoofed system naturally deviates from an actual local theory in ways that are similar to the features in quantum gravity. For … Read More

Abstract: In a chaotic system, an initial small perturbation will eventually affect the whole system. In certain many-body systems, this effect is mediated by a “scramblon” field. In large N limit, scramblon exchange dominates, while self-interactions are suppressed by 1/N. But because the scramblon propagator grows exponentially in time, these self-interactions eventually become important. We make an initial study of … Read More